Patient Satisfaction and Pie Chart

Wonderful Care

"I've been an amputee for 13 years. I've never experienced a prosthetist that thought outside the box and made the xperience of a new socket so enjoyable and so different from my previous experiences. Here at South County Artificial Limb and Brace, the process is different, more efficient, and they're willing to make adjustments so the final product fits the way it should fit"
-JM, Patient and Below the Knee Amputee
Patient Satisfaction*

Amazing Experience

“I had to make the decision to either live with debilitating pain for the rest of my life or to amputate. Knowing that Josh and his team were there to support me with not only their expertise, but also their willingness to listen and collaborate on problem solving, made the decision easier. I chose to have a below-knee amputation and Josh and his team have been there for me every ‘step’ - literally - of the way.”
-AP, Patient and Below the Knee Amputee

*This score represents our organization's overall weighted score across all questions and surveys in the system. This score is current as of June 2024.

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