Custom Foot Orthotics

Customized For You!

Customized For You!

Custom foot orthotics are specialized devices used to address specific foot conditions and deformities, aiming to enhance stability, correct walking patterns, and alleviate discomfort. They differ from over-the-counter gel inserts commonly found in stores, as they are tailor-made to fit an individual's foot.

Once we receive a prescription from your physician for custom foot orthotics, we'll take impressions of your feet and create plaster molds. These molds serve as the basis for crafting orthotics customized to support your unique foot shape and address your requirements.

The fabrication of custom foot orthotics takes place either at our facility located at 162 Main St. Wakefield, RI, or, depending on your needs, they may be outsourced to another vendor, such as ComfortFit Labs, with whom we collaborate.



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