Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO's)

An AFO serves to counteract foot drop, which occurs when the foot fails to maintain a normal flexed position. This condition can result from prolonged bed rest, foot or leg trauma leading to paralysis or muscle weakness. Additionally, an AFO is employed to prevent heel cord tightness, maintain proper foot alignment for standing and walking, manage ankle instability, and alleviate tendon pain.

Proper instructions on how to wear the AFO will be provided to optimize its effectiveness and ensure your comfort and benefit.

  • Socks must be close fitting and wrinkle free.
  • Don the AFO by bending the knee slightly – this helps to flex the ankle.
  • Slide foot into AFO.  Check for wrinkles in socks.
  • Make sure the heel is all the way into the AFO prior to attaching strap.
  • Attach straps to hold AFO in place.
  • Wear shoes that allow proper toe clearance.

It is important to keep a close eye on your skin condition.  Sometimes problems and discomfort with the use of the AFO can be avoided if good skin care is practiced.  Gradually increase your wearing tolerance during the break-in period which is about 7-10 days.

Off-the-shelf AFO's

We offer a range of top-notch AFOs sourced from various reputable vendors. Upon receiving a prescription for an off-the-shelf AFO from your doctor, we'll ensure you're fitted with the right size, either in a walk-on or walk-on reaction style.

   walk-on AFO by Ottobock 

                    Walk-On AFO by Ottobock                       Walk-On Reaction AFO by Allard


Custom AFO's

We craft custom AFOs at our facility located at 162 Main Street in Wakefield, RI. Unlike off-the-shelf options in standard sizes, our custom AFOs are tailor-made to fit you precisely.

Upon receiving a prescription for a custom AFO from your physician, we'll conduct an individual assessment to understand your requirements. A plaster cast of your foot and a section of your lower leg will be taken, and we'll utilize advanced plastic and thermal technology in-house, in our Wakefield workshop, to fabricate your custom AFO.

Solid Ankle AFO Articulated Ankle AFO 

             Custom Solid Ankle AFO                               Custom Articulated Ankle AFO                             Custom Masterflex AFO

Custom Carbon Fiber AFO's

Through working with Tillges Technologies, we have made available a lightweight carbon fiber ankle foot orthosis for our patients who require more support and sturdier materials.   Many of our patients who work in the construction field or pursue athletic activity  have found this material upgrade to be just what they need to allow them to be secure in continuing their more physical occupations and sports challenges.   The carbon fiber AFO will accommodate larger physiques and enable everyday tasks to be accomplished with more security and ease.

After we receive a prescription from your physician for a custom carbon fiber AFO, a plaster cast will be taken of your foot and a portion of your lower leg here in either our Wakefield or Woonsocket facility.  The plaster cast will then be sent to Tillges Technologies for fabrication.  Once fabrication is complete, you will return to our facility for delivery and fitting.

Custom Carbon Fiber AFO by Tillges

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